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Real Estate Appraisal Services for Attorneys and Accountants

We offer a full range of appraisal services to help legal and accounting professionals get unbiased and accurate valuations for properties for resolution of estate, tax, liquidation, matrimonial and many other types of cases.
• Bankruptcy
• Condemnation
• Estate Settlement & Planning
• Trust-Gift Tax Appraisals.
We frequently will appraise the value of a ... Read more
• Tax Appeal or Tax Assessment
Get a fair property tax assessment on commercial ... Read more
• Expert Witness Testimony
Experienced in litigation support and expert ... Read more
Some examples of issues we have experience with include:

• Valuation of "stigmatized" property
• Valuation as of a date in the past
• Valuation for condemnation and eminent domain cases
• Effect on value of properties with history of flood
• Estate settlement
• Effect on value caused by insect infestation
• Valuation for divorce, partnership, taxation issues etc.
With our experience and proven track record we are ready to take on any type of appraisal assignment and our appraisal values stand up under the most severe scrutiny.
• Partnership / Matrimonial Settlement

Real Estate Appraisal Services for Homeowners

• Mortgage Loans
• Fair Market Value Appraisals
• Condemnation

• Tax Appeals
• Divorce Settlements
• Estate Planning and Probate

Real Estate Appraisal Services for Investor and Lending Institutions

When purchasing or selling real estate, when you are assessing your next investment or trying to best leverage your existing ones, have accurate appraisals delivered in a timely fashion, is crucial.
• Financing and Refinancing
• Feasibility & other Market Studies
• Portfolio Analysis
• Purchase / Sale
• Rent Comparability Studies
• 1031 Exchange Analysis

Certified Machinery and Equipment Appraisals

Estimating the true market value of your machinery and equipment at any given time requires the specialized skills of a professional who has the expertise and certification to determine its true fair market value.

• True Market Value
• Fair Market Value
• USPAP Compliance & Reporting


Report Types & Fee Schedule

Since 1947, Herold Appraisal Group has been offering expert valuations for the commercial real-estate and investors.
Product Description
(All Reports Quoted are FNMA - Updated March 2009 unless otherwise noted.)

All appraisal inspections are conducted by a licensed, approved field appraiser. Both an interior and exterior inspection of the subject property will be completed( unless Drivy-by). Herold Appraisal Group will provide a summary report complete with a URAR form, subject photographs, a subject sketch, comparable photography (via inspection or other data sources), a comparable location map, and signed statement of limiting conditions.

FNMA 1004 Full Residential Appraisal:

This report provides an interior and exterior inspection of the subject property and an exterior inspection of the comparable sales. ... Read more
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